Renji & Hector Lionhart

Introducing some of our main characters.

Renji Lionhart is the main character of the game and is the older brother of Hector. Being a child witness of the tragic horrors of the World War and having experienced his parents death at a young age – Renji is appearing to be a calm and collected, but is in fact dealing with a lot of childhood trauma silently. This trauma has led to him being obsessed in becoming as strong as he possibly can to protect what is left of his city Leven and the people who still remain in his life. Incredibly critical and harsh in his judgment on Slint Kingdom and the current state of Gaia, he has gotten himself into trouble with Slint Soldiers many times during his youth. Renji wants to change the world and is willing to fight for it.

  • Age: 20
  • Ability Class: Hunter
  • Spirit Element: Moon
  • Temper: Calm and nonchalant

Hector Lionhart. The younger brother of the main character. Young, Flamboyant and Powerful. Hector chose to travel to Doriyone for 2 years, in order to learn and become the Fighter “Ability Class”. As he reunites with his brother in the opening scenes of the game, Hector has just returned back to town and has been long missed by everyone.

  • Age: 18
  • Ability Class: Fighter
  • Spirit Element: Fire
  • Temper: Flamboyant and positive