About Memories

The idea with Memories is to create a roleplaying game for J-RPG fans. It is meant to play in the style of SNES and PSX games, with a modern twist and fresh take. Average gameplay will be in Omniscient Third-person, played on a classic World Map and in Areas.

Memories has conceptually been progressing as a project since the early 2000’s. Starting as a childhood dream of two classmates, that has in later years blossomed into an indie gaming studio based out of Stockholm, Sweden.

The game is rendered in full 3D with predefined fixed camera angles following the player character. Memories uses modern shader technology to achieve effects such as water reflections, light shafts and dense terrain foliage.

Memories presents a turn-based Battle System without Active Time Battle (ATB). Players can chose from an array of attacks and abilities, dealing physical and magical damage with a variable percentage hitrate, often used in tactical RPG battles. With a unique and interesting jobsystem called “Ability Class” – the player will be able to partake in strategic battles, collecting ability points and upgrading both active and passive abilities. We will present more information on the Ability Class system in future updates.